The Amazing Stories of Old Los Angeles

July 2nd 1947. 17th Road and Michigan Avenue in Santa Monica. Man stepped by her and her friends on a very dark pavement area and stabbed her. Her body dropped on the pavement where she died. March 14th 1948 Survived the attempted murder. Human anatomy left and remaining for lifeless in “Leimert Park” 1 block from where “Elizabeth Short’s” body was found.

Graffiti Removal Los Angeles Springer June 13th 1949 Abducted during daylight hours from a parking ton in her car just “One” block away from where “Elizabeth Short’s” body was present in “Leimert Park” ;.The body was remaining in the automobile she was abducted in on “125 W. 38th Street” off of “South Major Street” 2.8 miles south of the bus place in downtown Los Angeles.

house alongside the 101 freeway. Jean is outlined as a “Lacking Person” but her purse band was damaged as is somebody ripped it from her and set it down while they certainly were kidnapping her. Same “MO” as Viola Norton. The problem is? “Who Did She Know In That Very Wealthy Area?” and “Why Was She Strolling Through That Thin Park Area?”

Mimi Boombauer May 18 1949 Human anatomy never found. Bag found with observe written in lipstick remaining on “Wilshire Blvd.” similar to the lipstick on the “Jeanne French” body.

The issue with the “B.D.” whom people claim is small for “Black Dahlia” is wrong. “Elizabeth Short” wasn’t dubbed the “Black Dahlia” until following her death and so the B.D. on her body indicates anything else. Many law enforcement at the time regarded the lettering to be, “P.D” on both bodies and maybe not “B.D.

These “Two Tony” sequential murders generally picked their patients up near to the bar shutting and women that didn’t get house with somebody or have their particular car. “Elizabeth Short” who always remaining prior to the “Trolley’s” ended running could have had to walk to the wagon get point.

Some of these women were alcoholics whom lost every thing or were asking to survive. Some of these alcoholic women had dates with guys who’d great incomes and when the person wished to leave the ladies kept and kept consuming at the bar before the bar closed then they stepped to whatever place they stayed.

These barfly women walking house alone following the bar closed were literally kidnapped down the pavement by the “Two Tony” sequential killers. A few of the women were abducted during the day with a single specific while they certainly were alone but most were following time bar abductions.

The Amazing Stories of Old Los Angeles

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