History of DSS Hacking Pt. 2

The East and West 3M cards were ECM’d with a massive 99 hook, causing the cards to lock up and be neither readable or writeable. Nearly instantly, the East 3M group issued a statement declaring that the cards were unable to be restored and they needed an individual to pay for $100 US plus send in their old card. Several people were enraged about that as they were offered free support. What enraged persons most however was that the West 3M group was declaring that the cards might be fixed Cloned cards.

The west group’s offer was much more appealing. They agreed to reprogram a brand new card for $50 Cdn.(cost of new card) and an individual would have the old card delivered when restored, or an individual could delay and receive a FREE unlooping and reprogramming. More in addition they offered to extend the offer to East 3M customers except they would keep consitently the old entry card.

New computer software was accessible about two weeks following the ECM and most people who compensated the $50 were enjoying inside a month. Several were keeping off for a free of charge unlooping since it appeared promising a option would be found. The first unlooping wasn’t completely successful.

The first efforts were engineered by Eddie from North Lay Systems in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They first attempted to glitch it from the 99 hook through the use of minimal voltage to the card. Some cards were fused permanently.

After some fiddling, it appeared that they had it, it absolutely was unlooped and they could now see the card, they were delivered off to be tested for reprogramming. It absolutely was soon found that they could not be prepared to however and therefore it absolutely was essential to test again.

In regards to a week later North Lay was effective and he started to unloop cards and send them to the programmer. The pure number of cards proved to be the Achilles heel as only therefore several cards might be reprogrammed in a day. Most people were enjoying again with unlooped cards 2 months following the ECM.

On Wednesday July 23,Guest Posting 1997, per day which some call “Black Monday” Directv and News Datacom executed the P2 datastream.  Directv have been giving new entry cards out to subscribers for over a year. The newest card, dubbed the P2 or “H series” was created to improve safety of their conditional entry system.

The first P1 or “F series” card have been fully hacked, with numerous cards accessible, some designed for free. The P2 card appeared just like the old one, nonetheless it have been significantly developed internally different. Along with nearly doubling the EEPROM memory, it now had a intel-based central Siemens processor, as opposed to the Motorola based processor that the F series had. This cards state to fame however was the improvement of still another component called an ASIC, or Software Specific Integrated Circuit.

Several hackers have been focusing on cracking the EEPROM of the new card for a while now. One of the important conditions that the F series hacks had was that they could not repeat the Motorola processor perfectly, therefore they had to replicate it by having an intel based one.

History of DSS Hacking Pt. 2

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