Closer To Truth: Aliens

My sceptical ‘friend’, Mr. Sceptic, recommended that the idea of the ‘Greys’ extensive back once again to the first days of science fiction and therefore humankind were already unhealthy with that image. Wow. Alas, that’s genuine bovine fertilizer alien labs disposable.

Does Mr. Sceptic think some reported slight referrals he came up with from 1893 and 1901 (albeit one by H.G. Wells) so unhealthy the sci-fi earth that the “Greys” turned the be-all-and-end-all of what it was to be an extraterrestrial?

I quite agree totally that H.G. Wells, alongside nevertheless Jules Verne, were the men of modern science fiction. Possibly Mary Shelley of “Frankenstein” reputation was the mom, or good grandmother since she pre-dated Wells and Verne by several decades.

Anyhow, I’michael certain the reported 1893 article and the 1901 novel “The First Men In The Moon” by Wells were required studying in every English literature lessons for all American pupils and therefore American lifestyle was unhealthy with all things ‘Grey’ ;.Or perhaps not. A English composition, also from H.G. Wells from 1893 is hardly going to expand their influence and permeate American lifestyle in 1947 – really today; let’s get real.

Certain, H.G. Wells is famous, however not excessively for the 2 operates Mr. Sceptic cited. “The Conflict of the Worlds” and “The Time Machine” and “The Unseen Man” rank heads and shoulders over in the entire perception of the studying and theatre going public, none of which functions the common ‘Greys’ ;.

The underside point nevertheless is that 1947 America was not used with the ‘Greys’ as well as with problems of bug-eyed-monsters ravishing terrestrial girls as oft observed on the addresses of the pulps, or of the future progress of the human species, or of any such thing excessively extraterrestrial, that being many years before the begin of the space race.

There is number reasonable reason behind military workers (Roswell) or an average middle-aged pair (the Hills) to have all of those so-called defining features Mr. Sceptic observed as an ingredient and parcel of aliens on the mind; also inside their subconscious.

The concept of the ‘Greys’ as a ‘flesh-and-blood’ match to the metallic UFO is connected with the Roswell UFO function (July 1947) but that aspect only surfaced around thirty decades later. The Roswell function, with or without ‘Greys’ have been buried and neglected until resurrected in the first 1980’s.

Meantime the ‘Greys’ stumbled on the forefront alone with the UFO abduction phenomena that post-dated Roswell but pre-dated the renewal of the Roswell function as a major UFO case. Nevertheless IMHO Roswell is substantial also with no ‘Greys’, the ‘Greys’ none the less stay a major facet of the current UFO debate. These are debates, what uses are extracts I had in debating a UFO ETH (ExtraTerrestrial Hypothesis) sceptic about the ‘Greys.

The history of the Roswell event only resurfaced after just two days in the general public attention (minus strange bodies) in July 1947 with the book of “The Roswell Incident” by Charles Berlitz* & Bill Moore in 1980, and thus the powers-that-be nearly got out with the Roswell cover-up and deception. Nevertheless they didn’t depend on eye-witnesses coming out of the cabinet once they already had one foot in the serious and thus had small to fear from Uncle John and violations of their safety oaths.

Today the truly interesting point is that the first strange abduction situation in the USA to get press – the Betty and Barney Mountain situation – stumbled on light in 1966 (“The Abandoned Journey” by Steve G. Fuller). Betty and Barney Mountain did not learn about Roswell, and certainly not about any possible Roswell strange bodies. However, their information of the aliens who apparently abducted them for around two hours match perfectly with the article 1980 revelations and explanations of the Roswell aliens.

Mr. Sceptic might not have seen that as “critical evidence” however the Roswell witnesses and Betty & Barney Mountain truly did. Please describe that curious coincidence! Sceptics can counter that the “Greys” are engrained in our pop-culture, thus number coincidence necessary entered into.

Closer To Truth: Aliens

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