Airport Parking Gatwick

There is a transfer service which is offered to the travelers 24 hours a day, and this runs every 30 minutes with an extra service operating every 20 minutes at peak times. There are car parks within Gatwick which allow you to easily and quickly check your car and keys into the safe and secure point. This will allow you to be on your way to your fantastic vacation in no time at all. The fully trained staff will park your car safely and securely for you and keep your keys locked away until you return transit from heathrow to Gatwick.

You can pre book you’re parking, and this will enable you to park within the airport grounds, meaning that you can collect your car faster on your return. These car parks are designed for you to park your own car and keep hold of the keys, this is ideal for travelers who worry about other people looking after their items.

All car parks at Gatwick airport are proud holders of the secure parking award, which was given to them by the Association of Chief Police Officers. This ensures that they are the best at what they do and have the most secure parking facilities at any airport in the UK.

All of these car parks are very well lit and have 24 hour security. This guarantees not only the security of your car but also your own personal safety as well. Millions of passengers travel through Gatwick airport every year, so the car parks need to be the best and most secure.

The easiest way to deal with your parking is to pre book it online before travelling; the parking during peak times becomes full very quickly. The car parks are large so you could find yourself driving round in circles attempting to find a space if you haven’t pre booked it. If you decide to park outside of the airport, it will be cheaper but you must be prepared to then bus into the airport.

This option doesn’t suit everyone and some prefer to guarantee a place within the airport grounds. If you do park yourself then ensure that you remember where you are parked, as you do not want to be wandering around the vast car park on your return. Whichever option you decide on, you can fly off knowing that your car is in the safest of hands whilst you are enjoying your vacation.

Most people will have used an airport car park at one point or another, either for business travel or on holiday. Some will have had good experiences and some bad. Here we try to give an informative guide to parking your car at Gatwick airport.

Gatwick airport has many different types of parking options to choose from, so lets take a selection of car parks which cover the three main options which are off airport parking, on airport parking and meet and greet.

Gatwick Long Stay Plus car park is one of the major car parks which is located on the airport. It is ideal for travellers flying out from Gatwick’s south terminal. It’s chosen by a lot of holidaymakers and business travellers because of its convenient location, just 0.25 miles from the departure terminal. This makes the transfers very short, about 3 minutes, which is something many people put at the top of their list.

As for security it has virtually everything from CCTV, security patrols, security fencing and security lighting. Again most people if not all want to make sure their car is totally secure whilst away on holiday. Gatwick Long Stay Plus also has the Park Mark award for secure parking. It also has disabled parking available.

So as you can see this type of car park offers the highest security standards as well as the most convenience. This sometimes does come at a price as most on airport car parks are slightly more expensive than off airport car parks.

Ok, Holiday Parking at Gatwick is one of the most popular car parks to choose from. This is possible due to its location which is only 3 miles from the airport, making its transfer times around 10 minutes only. This car park serves holidaymakers flying out from Gatwick’s north terminal.

Airport Parking Gatwick

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