October 5, 2022

Different types have appeared since 2013 on Tráfico’s web site to spell out how that legislation ought to be understood and it’s resulted in significantly misinterpretation, Chinese whispers and complete chaos.

As I said before, I go through what the law states at the time and had several issues about the way it absolutely was drafted so I gone directly to source at Fuerteventura’s biển số xe các tỉnh company along with the Madrid Central Office to attempt to clarify those doubts.

The explanations acquired were inconclusive on many features as far as I was worried and different based on who I talked to. Then there could be moments when one interpretation would appear to create sense but that will change as I analyzed other things that did not coincide 100% with that particular interpretation but because it’s created still another frenzy.

I needed to get to the underside of how that legislation should really be viewed so, let’s get on with it today and break what the law states into bite size pieces and hope that I am able to spell out it effectively since Lord affect me down if it’s to be amended later on particularly since I am planning to own to withdraw something I wrote just a month before!

True Decreto 818/2009, delaware 8 delaware mayo, printed in BOE (State Bulletin) quantity 138, 8th August 2009. This decree was initially printed in 2009 and fantastic as it seems, here we are however discussing it almost seven decades later, maybe not that we are the only real ones.

The complete place with this legislation is to create commonality to all EU issued driver’s permits along with mutually accepting the validity of permits issued in other member countries throughout the EU. You might say it certainly began in July 2006 when the idea program was initially introduced in Spain to fall consistent with the others of Europe (I individually recall it as the year Spain wept).

If in those days you had a driving license for significantly more than four years, you’re granted 12 factors but when you had had it for less than that, you’re only granted 8. Depending on the type of infraction determined, the police can withhold 2, 3, 4 or 6 factors at the same time and demonstrably the increased loss of all factors means losing your license.

There were considerable variations throughout the EU as some countries countries issued permits that terminate after a decade as is the event in Spain but others did not have an expiry day at all or it absolutely was collection at 15 years. Besides that, they wished to build the exact same validity for every single type of license, a typical credit card license in place of the report selection and setup a standard registry to help a trade of info on the position of each license between countries.

Right, so this matter has been talked about thoroughly, debated, triggered arguments, tears, frustration and near bloody murder. Rather than spending my time down over Xmas and New Year’s relaxing, I have been studying and re-reading legislation, articles, documents and making more personal enquiries since for almost all, that legislation makes zero sense and no body so far has actually had the oppertunity to spell out it clearly in a way that can be correctly understood (myself involved!).

The big question is: Who’s compelled to exchange their EU driving license for a Spanish one and why? I hope that by the end of what I hope to be the ultimate and conclusive article on this subject, we are able to lay it to rest for good. Please note that through the duration of that post, I am only talking about EU permits as non-EU must follow a different procedure.

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