October 4, 2022

First, finances overcome the bounds of distribution and redistribution support of the national money, though it is really a standard base of finances. Also, formation and usage of the depreciation fund which will be the part of economic domain, goes not to the distribution and redistribution of the national money (of recently shaped price throughout a year), but to the distribution of presently developed value travel.

That latest first appears to be part of price of major industrial funds, later it is transferred to the fee value of a ready product (that is always to the worthiness too) and following its recognition, and it is set the despair fund. Their resource is taken into consideration in advance as a despair sort in the consistence of the ready services and products charge price.

Second, primary goal of finances is much broader then “pleasure of their state features and obligations and provision of problems for the increased further production” ;.Finances exist on their state level and also on the makes and branches’ level too, and such problems, when the most part of the makes are not state.

V. M. Rodionova includes a different place relating to this matter: “real formation of the economic resources starts on the point of distribution, when the worthiness is realized and concrete inexpensive forms of the realized price are separated from the consistence of the profit” ;.V. M.

Rodionova makes an accent of finances, as releasing relations, when D. S. Moliakov underlines industrial base of finances. However equally of these give rather substantiate conversation of finances, as a method of formation, distribution and usage of the funds of money resources, that comes out from the following classification of the finances:

economic money relations, which types in the process of distribution and redistribution of the incomplete price of the national wealth and full social product, is connected with the topics of the economy and formation and usage of their state money incomes and savings in the increased further manufacturing, in the substance excitement of the workers for pleasure of the society social and different requests.

Finances of the socialistic state symbolize inexpensive (cash) relations, with the aid of which, in the way of planned distribution of the incomes and savings the funds of money sources of their state and socialistic makes are shaped for guaranteeing the development of the manufacturing, rising the substance and social amount of the people and for rewarding different normal society requests.

Scientific performs in the ideas of finances and credit, based on the specification of the research item, are known to be many-sided and many-leveled. This is of totality of the inexpensive relations shaped in the process of formation, distribution and usage of finances, as money resources is generally spread. For instance, in “the typical principle of finances” you can find two descriptions of finances:

Finances reveal inexpensive relations, formation of the funds of money resources, in the process of distribution and redistribution of national receipts based on the distribution and usage” ;.That classification is provided relatively to the problems of Capitalism, when cash-commodity relations gain general figure;

Finances symbolize the synthesis of centralized ad decentralized money resources, inexpensive relations relatively with the distribution and usage, which function for pleasure of their state features and obligations and also provision of the problems of the increased further production” ;.That classification is produced without showing the environmental surroundings of their action. We share partially such explanation of finances and think expedient to create some specification.

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